Hetty van Boekhout, Frank Gribling: batik, experimental batik, wax techniques, art, artpractice, lecturing, teaching art


Born in the Netherlands.
1964-1974: studies in painting, drawing, monumental art and textiles at various art schools in Holland and Belgium:
"Stads Academie"in Maastricht;
"Koninklijke Academie"in Antwerp;
1983-200: Living and working in London, England.
2000-....: studio in Antwerp, Amsterdam and the south of France.

Batik op Paper

Her work has been widely exhibited throughout Europe and the U.S.A., China, Indonesia and Japan, receiving several prestigious awards.
Works are in Belgian Public Collections and are privately owned all over the world.
Lecturing and teaching Art, especially wax techniques and experimental Batik at several institutions in Belgium and England: e.a. "Westdean College", Chichester, England.
Member of the "Batik Guild"and the "Crafts Council, London.

Personal statement: "Each technique has its own potential. I choose Batik and Wax Resistant Techniques, because it combines my love and affinity for paint, colour, textiles and paper, constantly trying to explore new possibilities."
"I have always been interested in the images which arise naturally from decay: for instance torn posters, rusting doors and the shapes and patterns of dilapidated buildings. Collage is an important element in my work. It is a great way to deal with shapes. I like it as a free medium to use. The fact that shapes can be moved around gives the image a better chance to develop without being forced."


Commissions in oil on canvas.
Drawings in charcoal and crayon.
For details contact me.

Official commissions
Dick Berlijn: General The Royal Netherlands air force.
D. Starink: General The Royal Netherlands air force.
Richard Van der Horst: Lt.Col: the commanding officer of the Royal Marines S.B.S. England
Richard Pickup: Col: the commanding officer of the Royal Marines S.B.S. England
Francis van Loon: Rector University Antwerp, Belgium